Facebook Ads Class Action

Levi & Korsinsky, LLP recently filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Inc. on behalf of Facebook users scammed by Facebook ads (Calise et al. v. Facebook, Inc., Case No. 4:21cv6186 (N.D. Cal.)).

Plaintiffs allege that Facebook actively solicits, encourages, and assists scammers it knows, or should know, are using its platform to defraud Facebook users with deceptive ad.  Plaintiffs are seeking injunctive relief to reduce the display of deceptive ads on Facebook’s website and protect Facebook users from being victimized by scam ads.  Plaintiffs are also seeking monetary relief in the form of damages and/or disgorgement of profits unjustly earned by Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user and have been scammed by an ad on Facebook and wish to discuss your legal rights, please contact Mark Reich, Esq. (mreich@zlk.com) or Courtney Maccarone, Esq. (cmaccarone@zlk.com) of Levi & Korsinsky, LLP.

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