Portfolio Monitoring

How to Resolve the Historical Data Conundrum and Recover More in Securities Litigation

Data is both omnipresent and ephemeral. Access to data, especially historical data, is a condition precedent to the ability file claims in settled securities class actions. Institutions have a fiduciary duty to file those claims, or to show that choosing not to do so was prudent. If an institution does not take a proactive approach…Read more

The Dangers of Relying on Custodians to Collect Class Action Settlement Payments

Institutional investors—including public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds—have a fiduciary obligation to recover monies lost through investments in public securities as the result of corporate mismanagement and/or fraud. These losses are often recouped through class action litigation, which pays out billions of dollars to defrauded investors each year.1 When these lawsuits are…Read more

Best Practices for Monitoring Your Securities Portfolio

As fiduciaries, institutional investors have a responsibility to monitor their investment portfolios, protect and maximize their assets, and ensure that no money that should have been awarded to their funds is left unclaimed. If investment funds are lost due to fraud or mismanagement, the trustees and management are responsible for using their best efforts to…Read more