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Eduard Korsinsky: Guide To Monitoring Your Securities Portfolio In 2021

Levi & Korsinsky, LLP

April 7, 2021

Eduard Korsinsky, Managing Partner and Attorney at Levi & Korsinsky, LLP states that institutional investors play a vital role in monitoring, researching and recovering securities portfolios that result from corporate mismanagement or fraud.  He further suggests that adopting best practices in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities is the equivalent to earning compound interest.


Best practices can include retention of non- exclusive outside firms to monitor investment portfolios, maintaining independent decision-making, and leveraging technology.

Who is Eduard Korsinsky?

As a class action attorney, Eduard Korsinsky, has addressed customers in protection cases, subsidiary activities, shopper misrepresentation and complex business matters. Mr. Korsinsky has been recognized as a New York “Super Lawyer”  and is perceived as one of the nation’s driving professionals in class and subsidiary issues.


Ed Korsinsky is a quintessential expert, who assumes his liability to his customers very genuinely. Ed is an astounding tactician who is constantly resolved to viably and productively win decisions for his customers.


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